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I'm an emerging Brisbane-based screenwriter, editor, poet, and prose writer. Having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative and Professional Writing (QUT) in 2019, I have since contributed reviews, analyses, interviews, and articles about popular culture to ScreenRantOur Culture Magazine, and My freelance writing can also be found on Vocal Media and Medium.


I'm currently a member of the editorial committee at Voiceworks, an intern with The Suburban Review, and the founding editor of swim meet lit magI've also been involved in editing the second volume of The Suburban Review's Hills Hoist, reading for three issues of Split Rock Review, and have participated in various editing workshops. Through my studies at QUT and practical industry experience, I have edited a number of manuscripts, ranging in length, form, genre, and style. I have a deep understanding of the structure, voice, mechanics, and execution required to produce quality pieces of evocative short fiction, creative non-fiction, editorial style publications, scripts, and novel-length works.


Please contact me if you are interested in commissioning me to edit, critique, proofread, or provide general feedback on your work (or if you have any questions about what the process might look like)!

Please find a list of my publications here: poetry and prose. If you are interested in commissioning me to write something for you, please get in touch via my Contact page!



My reading of 'When the Stars Explode', published in Voiceworks #125 - Spectre.


"Svetlana’s skills as a beta reader were incredibly helpful in refining my manuscript. Drawing from both her personal experience as well as her experience as a writer, her comments were consistently incisive and relevant in identifying areas for improvement, while also demonstrating an ability to recognise how different readers might respond to the material. It was this combination of honest critique, general sensitivity, and trustworthiness that set her apart from other beta readers."

-- Konstantinos Pappis, novelist, music editor at Our Culture Magazine.



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